Darling Ingredients has spent over a century ensuring investors’ best interests are served. While striving to conduct itself ethically and responsibly, Darling continues to innovate processes and products that secure its future. This future is not only built on innovation, but the increasing dependence the world has on sustainable sources for food, feed and fuel. As the realization of environmental responsibility becomes more realized, so does the security of Darling investors and shareholders.

Our commitment

Our CSR program is closely intertwined with our daily operations. As a reference to a popular expression: "We were green before green was cool".

As the original recycler, in business since 1882 and as today's market leader in the rendering business we learned to deliver on the promises of all our stakeholder. It's not by chance that we build our story on combining economic and ecological value. Our CSR program highlights our commitment and focus on that what really matters: Building a better tomorrow. 

Check our ESG Factsheet for undisputable metrics, ratings and related data about our CSR program. Alternatively, get to know our CSR program by learning about our three pillars and how they contribute to the UN SDG's.


Shareholder for 10 years

When a company like Darling Ingredients can do right by their shareholders, the environment and their community, you know it is going to be around a long time.