CSR and our workforce

As a global company, we strive for an economically and socially prosperous society. One of the places we start is with our own piece of society, Darling’s workforce. In developing our workforce to radiate Darling ideals, we take measures to ensure equal opportunity, fair pay and a workforce that represents the diversity of the world we serve.

Darling also invests in the future by actively reaching out to youth all around the world. We are educating young professional of all the different opportunities that lie before them and revealing the path to such futures. The education at Darling continues long after hiring as we have a strong training/mentoring program.

Darling strives to achieve sustained and inclusive economic growth that drives progress and increases living standards. Frequent reviews are utilized to maintain Darling’s core values:

  • Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word;
  • Entrepreneurship: We operate with knowledge, passion and determination;
  • Transparency: We are authentic and straightforward in reporting our goals, results and practices.


Darling Employee

Darling pushes every stakeholder to improve and meet our organizational goals. Not only does Darling benefit, but so do our customers and our communities.