Livestock Supports Global Nutrition and Public Health During COVID-19

An open letter has been issued on the value of animal agriculture during the COVID-19 pandemic. The letter, undersigned by more than 60 leaders and experts in the livestock community, outlines the necessity of the industry and debunks theories connecting livestock to the disease's origin.

See open letter here.

Darling Ingredients Highlighted in Render Magazine

Darling Ingredients team members were highlighted in the recently-released issue of Render Magazine. The article discusses the future of the rendering industry and the generation that will be managing it. 

See the article here.

Update on Corporate Social Responsibility

Darling Ingredients Inc. is committed to uphold and grow the sustainable operations and practices that lay the foundation of our business. Click here to see Darling's message to stakeholders on recent advances in corporate social responsibility/sustainability.

CEO Letter to Darling Ingredients Employees

The following is a letter to Darling Ingredients employees from CEO Randall C. Stuewe. Click here

Darling Cares - Supports Local Communities

See here for a statement from Darling Ingredients’ CEO, Randall C. Stuewe, on supporting the community amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Click here



Company Policies

Compliance as a matter of conviction

In everything we do, we take responsibility – for our business, our people, our planet. Our companies comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations – not as a matter of duty, but because of what we believe. We strive to continually improve our compliance, services, products and business practices.

Darling Ingredients practices proactive environmental stewardship, prevents pollution at the source, and integrates environmental, health and safety protocols throughout our operations. We live our core values by committing ourselves to ethical and honest conduct in all matters.

Our Code of Conduct

As a global leader in the industry, it is vital that our business practices and individual conduct be open and honest, which is reflected in our three core values of integrity, transparency and entrepreneurship. These values are the foundation of everything we stand for and form the basis of our Code of Conduct. You can download and read our Code of Conduct here.

Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG

Visit our  Corporate Social Responsibility  platform to learn more about our respect and commitment to our planet and the people, animals and fauna that make it home.  View our ESG Factsheet here.

Below are our corporate policies for specific areas of our operations. 

View our Global Product Safety & Quality Policy

View our Animal Health & Welfare Policy

View our Global EHS Policy (Environment, Health & Safety)

View our Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

View our Supplier Code of Conduct

We Commit to Operating Responsibly

At Darling Ingredients, we take responsibility for all our actions, including our commitment to respect the environment. We operate in ways that, wherever possible, leave a positive impact on people, animals, air, water and earth. We encourage activities that benefit our people, the people in the communities around us as well as the global environment, and that also contribute to the nutrition and health of animals and people.

In order to manage our environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic and documented manner, we utilize an environmental management system (EMS) called Compliance Tracker (CT) which aligns with ISO 14001 in North America. Click here ISO 14001 Alignment Position Paper, an ISO 14001 certified EMS in Europe. Click here for list of locations, and other international locations have an EMS aligned with ISO 14001. The Board reviews quarterly an up-date from the Global Environmental Affairs department on environmental issues.

Statement regarding African Swine Fever (AFS) and product safety

Please read Darling Ingredients’ statement on our commitment to the safety and biosecurity of rendered animal by-products and spray-dried blood products in regards to the spread of African Swine Fever (AFS).