The only publicly-traded company in our industry (NYSE/DAR), Darling Ingredients Inc. is headquartered in Irving, Texas.  We operate a network of over 200 facilities worldwide, staffed by approximately 10,000 dedicated employees providing services and products to diverse international markets.

Many of our brands are leaders in their own fields

Our executive team

Our company is managed by an executive group of visionary professionals, supported by a diverse team providing technical, research and development, environmental, operational, financial and marketing excellence. The Darling Ingredients team is led by:

Randall C. Stuewe

Chief Executive Officer

Randall Stuewe has served as Darling Ingredient Inc.'s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since February 2003. He brings the company over 25 years of experience at various agriculture processing businesses. From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Stuewe was Executive Vice President at ConAgra Foods, Inc. More recently he was President of Gilroy Foods. Before ’96, he spent twelve years in management, sales and trading positions at Cargill, Incorporated.

Dirk Kloosterboer

Chief Operating Officer

Dirk Kloosterboer joined Darling Ingredients with the January 2014 acquisition of Vion Ingredients.  He is currently our Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Kloosterboer graduated in 1980 from the Agriculture University in Wageningen, the Netherlands, with a degree in Food Technology. He has extensive leadership experience. Before taking up his current position, he was CEO of VION Ingredients with its worldwide subsidiaries Ecoson, Rendac, Sonac, Rousselot, CTH and Besthides. 

John O. Muse

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

John O. Muse has been with Darling Ingredients since October 1997 and currently serves as our Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  Mr. Muse has 40 years of agricultural business experience with Central Soya Company, Inc. (grain merchandising and feed manufacturing company),  Archer Daniels Midland (ADM, an agricultural food and feed processor) and Darling Ingredients. He has held various financial, operational, management and corporate office positions.

Jan van der Velden

Executive Vice President, ERS (Ecoson, Rendac, Sonac)

Jan van der Velden has served as Executive Vice President of ERS (Ecoson/Rendac/Sonac) since January 2014. Prior to that, he served with VION Ingredients – now a part of Darling Ingredients Inc. – in a number of different capacities since June 1989. From May 2005 to March 2012, he served as the Managing Director of VION Ingredients Germany. He also served as a member of the board of VION Ingredients.

John Bullock

Executive Vice President / Chief Strategy Officer

In January 2014, John Bullock was appointed Executive Vice President-Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Bullock is responsible for leading, supporting and developing our strategies and investments globally. Prior to this, he served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. He played a significant role in helping Darling grow, most notably with the development of and investment in our Diamond Green Diesel facility and several of our acquisitions. 

Rick A. Elrod

Executive Vice President - DAR PRO U.S.A.

Rick Elrod has served as Darling Ingredients Inc.’s Executive Vice President – DAR PRO U.S.A. since April 2015.  From 2011 to April 2015 he served as the Company’s Senior Vice President – Eastern Region. Prior to that, Mr. Elrod served the Company in various managerial capacities since joining Griffin Industries in 1984. Those include operations management for the Butler Kentucky facility, Georgia plant operations, and finally Eastern Operations, consisting of seven locations for Griffin Industries, prior to the merger in 2010. Mr. Elrod is an active member of the National Chicken Council, the US Poultry Fats and Protein Council, the National Renderers Association, and several state poultry federations throughout the Southeast. 

John F. Sterling

Executive Vice President/General Counsel and Secretary

John F. Sterling is Executive Vice President–General Counsel and Secretary, a position he has held since August 2007. From 1997 to July 2007, Mr. Sterling worked for Pillowtex Corporation, where he served as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary since 1999.

Our Brands