A growing world with growing demands

Our world is growing. As population growth continues to rise and wealth increases, so does the demand for food, feed and fuel. Traditional resources are depleting and the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing. That’s where we come in. We are committed to help meet that demand, as we believe that nature has significantly more to offer than we currently use. We believe we can maximize the use of natural resources by continuously improving ourselves, our processes and our products. 


 We are Darling Ingredients

Giving nature a second life

Giving nature a second life is our second nature.  With our roots dating back to the late 19th century, we have evolved from a small rendering company into the world's leading innovative developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients for a growing population. Our unique broad product and service portfolio is active all over the world, customized for high end markets and local needs. Each day our dedicated employees live what we all believe. We serve society by maximizing nature's value, so that people stay healthy, homes stay warm, children stay happy, dogs and trucks keep running, and farmers can flourish.  Not just today, but as an ongoing philosophy. It's the story we strive to live everyday.

Our core values

Our commitment to the health and safety of humans, animals, industries and the planet as a whole ties in firmly with our core values: 


These values are the foundation for all of our activities, setting our path as we develop and produce sustainable solutions for our world.  

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