Making the world a greener place

At Darling Ingredients, we have over a century of experience in making the world a greener place.  As an innovative developer of organic fertilizers, we take ‘going green’ quite literally, repurposing industrial residuals and meat co-products into nutritional, life-sustaining solutions for horticultural gardens, organic farming, healthy sports turf and more.

Natural, safe and exceptionally nutritional

Our Fertilizer solutions cover a wide range of natural, safe and exceptionally nutritional products for a variety of applications

  • Organic fertilizers for golf courses, sports turf, lawns and landscapes, organic farms and nursery industries worldwide
  • Natural soil amendment products to reduce a farmer's need for synthetic fertilizers
  • Fertilizers that help improve soil phosphate balance

Clean, efficient and secure

Our fertilizer and soil enrichment solutions result in greener golf courses, sports turf and lawns as well as higher yields on conventional and organic farms. We can also help to improve phosphate balances in agriculture. Developing these resources from residuals also means we make operations cleaner, smoother and more sustainable for a variety of industries. Our methods for storing, collecting and repurposing their residuals – from slaughterhouse inedibles to the nutritional residuals drawn from the wastewater from meat processors and paper mills – are ways in which our company serves as a leading steward of our planet’s natural resources.

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Our global reach and in-depth expertise in fertilizers means we can offer customized specialty solutions