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One of the challenges faced by restaurant owners and supermarkets is how to safely and efficiently handle their used cooking oil and inedible meat co-products in a clean, cost-effective way. Our restaurant services division (operating as DAR PRO Solutions in theU.S. and Rothsay inCanada) provides our industry's most diverse lineup of state-of-the-art used cooking oil storage equipment in North America, making us the ideal partner to both national chains and independent operators.  We also offer North American retail supermarket customers sanitary fat and bone collection.  In the U.S., we also offer grease trap services.

Help meet your organization's corporate social responsibility goals while boosting your operational efficiency by being part of our sustainable solution.

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We can turn your used oil into tomorrow's fuel

We like to tell our customers across North America that one of our three biofuel facilities could be producing the fuel (made from their own fryer oil or meat scraps) that powers the truck that delivers their next load of fries, or beef or paper products. None of our competitors can make that claim.

As the world’s demand for alternatives to fossil fuel increased, we listened. We even beat most to the pump. As the first commercial producers in both the USA and Canada of biodiesel from used cooking oil and animal fats, we helped elevate the value of these feedstocks in the marketplace. In 2013, we began production, in partnership with Valero Energy Corporation, of our Diamond Green Diesel facility – North America’s largest producer of renewable diesel from recycled animal fats, used cooking oils and distillers oil.

While much of our oil and fat material is produced into biofuel, some is used for the production of high-energy, high-quality livestock feed and pet food solutions. We offer our feed and pet food manufacturers the assurance of bio-secure facilities and consistently analyzed ingredients.

By partnering with DAR PRO Solutions, your gains won't only be a cleaner kitchen!

  • Best-in-class used oil storage equipment options, a solution for every store's volume
  • One of the nation's largest fleets with onboard logistics for efficient routing
  • Fully-trained drivers and grease trap service providers
  • Sanitary, secure and compliant handling of your used oil and trap material
  • Dedicated service representative for our national/regional chain accounts