Adding value in innnovative ways

As specialists in converting organic residuals into needed resources, we have developed many innovative and diverse applications that add maximum value to our end products.

Exclusive bone china

Some of the world’s most exclusive fine bone china – known for its whiteness and translucency as well as its strength and chip resistance – is manufactured from bone ash, produced according to strict customer specifications by our Sonac brand. Bone ash makes up approximately fifty per cent of the formulation for bone china. Bone china is sometimes referred to as ‘china’ or ‘English porcelain’. 

Bone ash tools for the non-ferrous castings industry

Illustrating the wide application potential of residuals, we also supply bone ash products to the non-ferrous metals casting industry. Our product Bone Ash MC is especially developed for this industry. Bone Ash MC is a fine powder that works as a superior protective coating for castings of aluminum, refined copper and copper alloy. Bone Ash MC is also extremely suitable as a protective coating for launders and molds. The bone ash prevents launders from early wearing and cracking and increases – often doubling – their life expectancy. It is also used as an easy-release agent, as it prevents metal from sticking to the surface of the molds and makes it easier for manufacturers to remove cast parts. We produce Bone Ash MC at our Sonac plants.

Technical gelatin for purer non-ferrous metals

Another tool for which the non-ferrous metals casting industry depends on us is our technical gelatin. Metal refiners use our technical gelatin, or bone glue, as an essential aid for the process of electrolysis. Applying technical gelatin to the refinement of copper, zinc, cadmium and other non-ferrous metals results in a purer product. We produce technical gelatin at our Rousselot plants.

Producing high-energy feed ingredients from bakery residuals

Commercial bakeries and snack manufacturers throughout North America rely on us for the full-service management of their residuals. Bakery Feeds' market-leading equipment, 24-hour maintenance and collection services, and consistent nationwide pickups allow us to uniquely provide service to your specifications. We don't just collect your residuals – we repurpose them into a sustainable, quality ingredient for feed rations. Our services unburden the bakery and snack industry, add value to the feed industry, and improve the sustainability performance of both.

The power of the fly: Tiny insect, huge impact on animal nutrition

Our proprietary technology, coupled with our meticulous and systematic processes, create a consistent, high-performance family of ingredients ideal for chickens, exotics, pets, aquaculture, and young animals. With a mission to produce sustainable animal and plant nutrients using low-value materials, EnviroFlight developed a proprietary process to use co-products from ethanol production, breweries and pre-consumer food waste as a feedstock for Black Soldier Fly larvae.  As the larvae draw nourishment from this feedstock, they produce "frass", a high-protein, low-fat ingredient for animal and fish feed that can also be used for organic fertilizer.  The larvae are also processed into meal and oils used as high-protein, high-fat fish meal replacement for aquaculture feed. 

EnviroFlight won the "DSM Innovation Award"at AquaVision 2016, the world's leading aquaculture business conference held in Norway every two years.