One thing is for sure: without logistics, everything stops. The same would happen to us if we weren’t able to service our suppliers by disposing their products, feed our processing plants or provide our products to customers. Over the decades we've improved, specialized and dedicated our services for everyone depending on our logistics. Whether it concerns internal logistics in our warehouses, road transport to customers or providing collection services, we’re on top of it.

If you’re a practical team player, driven by result, the road to success might be just around the corner. 

We are the company that relies and depends on efficient and highly specialized logistical skills.

We offer

  • State-of-the art logistical planning systems
  • Unique collection of equipment
  • A no-nonsense culture
  • Close interaction with customers
  • A tight fit with our agri-food customers

 ‘Making sure our customers can rely on our logistical timeliness and expertise.’

Logistics vacancies