Energy for tomorrow, today

Sustaining life on earth has never required more energy than it does today. That’s why at Darling Ingredients we have taken the lead in developing new opportunities in renewable energy. Whether from repurposed animal fats, organic residuals or the oil and grease we collect from restaurants, our energy solutions are one more contribution towards a paradigm shift in the world’s long-term energy balance. 

Fueled by knowledge and vision

What fuels us at Darling Ingredients is a keen understanding of nature and the materials it offers us, coupled with a practical vision for providing our world and its population with the solutions they will need to stay energized. Not just today, but as an ongoing philosophy.

First and largest

Our many years of experience in acquiring organic co-products and residuals and converting them into innovative, high-value products have positioned us as a global leader in renewable energy development.

  • We were the first in the USA to pioneer the commercial production of biodiesel utilizing animal fats and used cooking oils
  • In 2001, we became Canada's first producer of biodiesel from animal fats and cooking oils
  • In 2013, together with Valero Energy Corporation, we constructed North America’s largest facility to convert animal fats, used cooking oils and distiller oils into renewable diesel
  • In Europe, we are leading the way with innovative biofuel and renewable energy solutions

Visit our Fuel brands for more information about our renewable energy innovations.

Developing innovative solutions to the world's growing demand for alternatives to fossil fuel