Food safety and security is more than what you eat

The safety of your food starts long before it arrives on your dinner plate.  What we do and how we do it helps protect the world's food chain from farm to table. Through our bio-security standards at our processing facilities, our customers can be assured that our food ingredients are fully traceable and our products and processes are fully compliant with food safety regulations. Our decades of experience has allowed us to contribute to new food and health solutions based on natural bio-nutrient ingredients to better serve a growing population.

Helping to meet the world’s long-term food demands is a large part of what we do at Darling Ingredients. And we do it within strict safety parameters.

Protecting the food chain

We protect from the source to the final product. Our industry is often referred to as “the gatekeeper,” keeping our food chain safe from harmful materials. By processing unconsumed meat co-products into usable ingredients rather than disposing of them in landfills or compost piles, our facilities prevent more greenhouse gases from being released into the air rather than what they add to it during operations. By repurposing this material, we also help protect our land and groundwater from pathogens that occur during nature’s decomposition process. And, by ensuring our feed ingredients are traceable and safe, we protect the livestock that start this food cycle in motion.

Through our secure operations, we are able to provide the world’s food manufacturers and supply chains with a range of safe and tested food ingredients and products that are sustainable and natural, and economically and ecologically viable. 

From market-leading gelatins to sausage casings

We help meet the rising global demand for healthy and safe food:

  • We’re the world’s leading supplier of gelatin and collagen peptides
  • We provide global food and meat manufacturers with safe, fully traceable sausage casings and meat co-products
  • We contribute to innovative, healthy food concepts through our natural proteins and other natural dietary supplements

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We help ensure a safe and secure food chain for a growing population's needs