Ensuring global feed safety

The ongoing growth and globalization the livestock and agricultural industry presents many challenges, such as securing feed supplies that are safe, healthy and sustainable. Our Feed and Pet Food solutions have secured us a vital role in this field. By repurposing organic bio-nutrient residuals, we have grown into one of the world's leading suppliers of natural, sustainable feed ingredients. Additionally, the safe processing of organic meat co-products and animal mortalities has proven to be the most secure and efficient way of handling these materials, as compared to other methods which can harm the environment through the release of methane gases and pathogens.

Collecting materials from industries as diverse as meat processors, restaurants and paper mills, we have developed operational processes to produce reliable, carefully analyzed feed ingredients and applications for soil health and crop growth.

Giving nature a second life is our second nature.

Raising the quality of life for animals

Much of our research and development (R&D) centers on raising the quality of life in terms of health and nutrition – not just for people, but for animals, too. Our scientists are among the world’s leading experts on the technical, (bio-)functional and nutritional properties of feed ingredients. As a leading producer of proteins, fats and minerals, we’re proud of our role in ensuring global feed safety through stringent bio-security measures and quality controls at all our facilities.

AFS Statement:  Please read our statement on the growing African Swine Fever (AFS) epidemic and our commitment to product safety.

Our global reach and in-depth expertise in developing premium feed ingredients means we can offer customized specialty solutions. Find the product or service you need through our Feed solution brands.