Ever since the industrial revolution, improvements have been driven by technology. The developments keep on coming: even though we’ve been processing for almost two centuries, technological improvement in our plants never stop. Legislations change, customer demands rise, energy efficiency is more important than ever and safety should never be forgotten. So, we owe it to our customers, employees and our environment to find the right machinery, improve our processing methods and apply the right safety and environmental measures. If you are able to take ownership of a project, never lose sight of goals and are a true team player, technically speaking: you could be part of this.

We offer

  • Expertise centers in wastewater treatment, engineering and QHSE
  • Hands-on and strategical engineering projects on state of the art equipment
  • Health and safety improvement processes
  • A globally operating Technology Team 
  • Knowledge in Six sigma, Lean and 5S
  • High level of knowledge of our processes and equipment
  • Innovative Co-development projects with suppliers and partners
  • Highly skilled colleagues


"Managing and improving efficient, safe and future-proof processes for our customers, employees and the environment."

We are the company that expertly manages highly specialized process equipment that constantly requires development to fit state of the art technologies, quality and environmental requirements.

Technology vacancies

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