Nice to meet you!

Darling ingredients is a neighbor to many. Therefore, it conducts itself in a way that benefits all. From educating through internships to creating quality jobs to innovating for increasingly sustainable communities, Darling continues to help improve the world of which we are all a part.

We also serve society in the form of charity. Darling’s employees are regular volunteers or organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House. Frequent donations are made to organizations that feed and serve, such as the Dave Thomas Foundation or Food for the Soul.

Our commitment

The rendering business is formerly known as "The Hidden Industry". Unfairly so, if you ask us. For the mere reason that in today's society topics like recycling, repurposing and reducing food waste are of public interest, this deserve a spot in the limelight. We see it as our purpose to repurpose our collective scarce natural resources, in order to sustain life for generation to come.

As bolstered by core values to be honest and transparent about what we do as a company, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibilty represents engagement, education and mutual understanding of our needs. We care for the future of the planet and we care for the future of our company. Learn, by checking the links below how we engage with society and get acquainted with our CSR program. Do you represent a group or local community, don't be afraid to reach out to us. Let's engage, so you can value our purpose on themes relevant to you.


Darling Employee

The work we do and how it influences the community is one of the reasons I am proud to tell neighbors ‘I work at Darling.