Health, nutrition and scientific progress

Scientific progress and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry affect our views on nutrition, our response to physical illnesses and our life expectancy.  This progress, in combination with increasing health-consciousness among consumers, opens the door to many new opportunities to improve the health and well-being of people of all ages. We’re proud to be at the forefront of some of these developments as a trusted partner to the health and pharma industry.

World leader, trusted partner

As an ingredients specialist with in-depth expertise and access to many nutrient-rich natural materials, we have built a strong position in several niche ingredient markets.

  • We’re world leaders in the production and marketing of gelatin and collagen peptides to the pharmaceutical and food industries: our collagen peptides have many health benefits in nutraceutical and nutricosmetic applications and are gaining ground in markets around the world;
  • We’re also a leading producer of high quality, traceable crude porcine heparin and a trusted partner for numerous international pharmaceutical clients.

Full Responsibility

In our plants, we take full responsibility for our actions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our products perfectly meet our customers’ expectations. At Rousselot, for example, a new analytical method has recently been developed in cooperation with a leading research center, to ensure our customers that our gelatins perfectly meet all their specifications.

Stringent biosecurity and quality control

At Darling Ingredients, we are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, safety and excellence.  We believe a complete, integrated bio-security program is critical to maintaining a safe, secure food chain, which is shown by our stringent quality control standards. Our outstanding knowledge of the functionalities of many organic ingredients and of their behavior in a wide range of applications enables us to support customers in developing new products. 

Our access to a diverse supply of raw materials, our global and expert knowledge base, and our R&D capabilities have made us a world leader in developing innovative health and pharmaceutical solutions. Visit our health and pharma brands for more information.