Darling Ingredients is Committed to the Health and Safety of Our People and Planet

At Darling Ingredients, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and limiting the impacts of our operations to the environment.  This commitment is in the best interest of our customers, employees, stockholders and the communities in which we operate.  We consider it our most basic obligation to comply with not only our company principles regarding EHS, but also all applicable laws and regulations that apply to our operations globally.

We Commit to Operating Responsibly

At Darling Ingredients, we take responsibility for all our actions, including our commitment to respect the environment. We operate in ways that, wherever possible, leave a positive impact on people, animals, air, water and earth. We encourage activities that benefit our people, the people in the communities around us as well as the global environment, and that also contribute to the nutrition and health of animals and people.

In order to manage our environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic and documented manner, we utilize an environmental management system (EMS) called Compliance Tracker (CT) which aligns with ISO 14001 in North America. Click here ISO 14001 Alignment Position Paper, an ISO 14001 certified EMS in Europe. Click here for list of locations, and other international locations have an EMS aligned with ISO 14001. The Board reviews quarterly an up-date from the Global Environmental Affairs department on environmental issues.