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Ingredients to enhance human health and wellbeing.

Customers use our proteins, such as gelatin and collagen, and fats to create products to enhance human health and wellbeing, with applications spanning from culinary and nutrition to medical and cosmetic uses. Today, Darling Ingredients is one of the largest producers of gelatin and collagen, with approximately 30% market share globally. We have a robust R&D practice, continually innovating to find new applications for our valuable proteins and fats. 
Food facts

A leader in gelatin and collagen solutions

Our fast-growing gelatin and collagen business features 16 factories across the world and sales in more than 80 countries. We’re committed to innovation and driven to explore novel solutions and progressive offerings for our customers. 


global market share (gelatin and collagen)


of segment sales attributed to collagen products*


PhD scientists in research and development

*based on 2023 data

Food categories

Gelatin for food

A natural ingredient used to stabilize, thicken, texturize and clarify many foods, including confectionery, dairy, juices, alcohol and more.

Collagen peptides 

A odorless, colorless and highly soluble complex protein that is used in a number of health and wellness applications.

Natural casings

Fully traceable, high-quality sausage casings, produced under strict quality standards. 

Meat proteins

Natural protein ingredients to improve quality, texture, color, taste and yield for meat manufacturers. 

Lard specialties

Our consumer brand Laru is Germany’s only nationwide producer of pork and goose fat. 

Capsules, gels, gummies and tablets 

Gelatin is a natural, safe and highly versatile excipient for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical supplements. 

Biomedical solutions 

Customized gelatin solutions for a wide range of applications including embolization, cell culture, bio delivery and hemostatics.  


An anticoagulant used in the pharmaceutical industry. 
Food brands

Brands within our diverse Food segment  

Gelatin- and collagen-based solutions for the health and nutrition, and biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors.
Gelnex Nazario Brazil Plant.png
Gelatin- and collagen-based solutions for the health and nutrition, and biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors, with operations in South America and the U.S.
Two Workers in Factory
Collection and processing of animal by-products in Australia, China, Europe and the U.S.
Germany’s only nation-wide producer of pork and goose fat.
Natural casings and meat by-products.
A leading manufacturer of heparin.

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