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North American Rendering

Darling Ingredients rendering operations in the United States and Canada collects and processes material from the animal agriculture and food industries to create essential ingredients for animal nutrition, fertilizers and renewable fuels.
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North America

North America




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Largest renderer in North America

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Our U.S. Rendering Operations

Raw material collection

Located near all the nation’s major animal production facilities, we provide reliable collection, rendering and recycling services for the animal and food production industries across the United States. As a responsible transporter, we maintain a dedicated fleet of trucks that  safely and efficiently deliver these materials to one of our many facilities, diverting millions of metric tons of material from landfill and composting annually.
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Processing operations

Next, we separate the materials into fats and proteins, and also extract water – treating and returning more water back to the environment than we use. With the highest attention to product quality and safety, and environmental regulations, we provide recycling solutions for the chicken, beef, pork, turkey and fish industries.
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Finished ingredients

Ultimately, we produce fats and proteins that provide valuable, safe, nutritious ingredients to animal feed and pet food manufacturers, and nutrient-rich ingredients for fertilizers. Some animal fats are also sold to renewable diesel producers for use as a feedstock in diesel and aviation fuel production.
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Proteins for animal feed

We produce a complete line of animal-based proteins, such as poultry by-products meal, meat-meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, blood meal, turkey meal, pet food grade poultry meal, plasma. We also produce high-energy alternative ingredients, such as Cookie Meal® through our Bakery Feeds brand and black solider fly larvae (BSFL) meal at Enviroflight.

Fats for animal feed

We produce high-energy animal fats for animal and pet feed. Safe, nutritious and sustainable animal-grade fats, poultry fats, and specialty blends of animal fats . Each of our products offer the highest metabolizable energy (ME) from animal sources for optimum feed conversion and expedient grow out in poultry and swine. Cost effective alternative to vegetable oils in animal and pet food rations. These concentrated ingredients allow producers to increase product energy levels and offer meat producers to offer decreased feed intake, increased feed efficiency and improved growth rates. Our ingredients offers a well-balanced amino acid profile and are an excellent source of linoleic acid for improved animal health.

Fats for low emissions energy production

We transform animal fats and used cooking oil into energy solutions to help decarbonize the world. Animal fats and used cooking oil are an attractive feedstock for renewable diesel production. These feedstocks deliver a lower carbon intensity and are traditionally more cost effective than food-based oil feedstocks. With up to 80% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels, our fats are playing a large role in the world’s decarbonization efforts. Because we recognize the importance of reducing the environmental impact of our own operations, we were one of the first companies of our kind in the U.S. to use the fats we process as boiler fuel in our facilities.
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Using the science of animal nutrition, our experts precisely blend nutrients into a well-balanced fertilizer to feed soil and plants. Our domestically sourced, feed grade animal protein meals are used to create a product that is highly concentrated and offers controlled release. Our products are fully compliant with National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines and approved for unrestricted use in organic crop production.
What we do

Our core business

First, we collect materials from the animal agriculture and food industries, helping these industries be more sustainable by providing an alternative to landfilling and incineration.
Next, we separate the materials into fats and proteins, and also extract water – treating and returning more water back to the environment than we use.
Ultimately, we create the highest value for our fats and proteins, which go on to nourish people, feed animals and crops, and fuel the world with renewable energy.