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Staying accountable for our own environmental impact. As we reduce emissions and the burden on landfills by repurposing byproducts from the animal agriculture and food industries, we maintain accountability for our own environmental impact.
2022 achievements

A year of strong sustainability progress

Demonstrating sustainability is core to who we are and what we do.

1.2B gallons of renewable diesel
Opened a new renewable diesel plant through Diamond Green Diesel, our joint venture, to expand total annual production capacity to 1.2 billion gallons of renewable diesel.
↓20% water withdrawal
Decreased our global water intensity by 20%, achieving our 2025 goal three years early.
↓8% emissions intensity
Decreased global emissions intensity by 8%, per unit of raw material processed, marking strong progress alongside business growth.

Our environmental principles


Transparent reporting is key to measuring our climate progress.

We're shifting focus from energy reduction to emissions reduction to meet our climate targets. We measure and disclose a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory in line with the GHG Protocol’s Operational Control approach. In 2022, we went beyond Scope 1 and 2 disclosures to include our full Scope 3 inventory for the first time. Despite the complexities in our global supply chain and challenges in obtaining accurate data from our 80k+ suppliers, we are fully committed to transparent reporting and improvement.


Clean water is vital for healthy communities and ecosystems.

We responsibly manage and treat the water used in our operations while actively monitoring and mitigating its potential risks. We have already met our 2025 water reduction goal three years early. The raw materials we process contain about 50-60% water, and we return a significant portion of it to the environment after rigorous treatment — approximately 11 billion gallons every year.


Reusing excess material keeps supply chains circular.

We transform neglected resources into valuable food, feed and fuel products while safeguarding the global food chain from potential diseases. Our facilities create minimal amounts of waste, most of which re-enters processing to be turned into useful material. In 2022, we processed 13.5 million tons of by-products, greatly reducing the impact of animal agriculture on our environment.

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People are our priority. We continually strive to create a work environment that is safe and engaging, fostering diversity and encouraging career development. We invest in communities where we live, work and play.
Integrity, honesty and transparency are fundamental to the way we operate. We employ strong governance practices and maintain robust business ethics and compliance programs to uphold trust and deliver value to stakeholders.