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Essential ingredients for animal nutrition, fertilizers and renewable fuels.

Customers use our fats and proteins to produce numerous valuable products, such as animal feed, pet food and fertilizers. Our fats are also a vital low-carbon feedstock used to produce renewable fuels. By supplying the agriculture and energy sectors with these essential ingredients, we diversify our revenue streams and capture value across market fluctuations.
Feed facts

Innovative repurposing

We play an essential role in the animal agriculture, farming and food-services industries. Our facilities help alleviate over-burdened landfills by recycling millions of pounds of animal by-products, used cooking oil and food waste. We turn what others often see as waste into hundreds of valuable ingredients.


Global by-product market share


North American UCO* collection marketshare


Largest renderer in the world

*Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

Feed categories

Animal feed

We are a leading supplier of a wide range of animal proteins and fats, including species-specific offerings that are crucial for meeting the dietary needs of animals. Our animal ingredients  play an essential role in any animal’s diet and are recognized as a sustainable option.
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Aqua feed

We produce nutritious and environmentally conscious aqua feed ingredients to help our customers maintain healthy fish populations. With species-specific offerings, we can provide our customers with a variety of sustainable feed ingredient solutions.

Pet food

Our customized, high-quality ingredients, for both wet and dry pet food products, deliver sustainable, nutritious solutions for the pet food industry. With deep industry knowledge, experience in nutrition regulation and the highest safety standards, we are a trusted resource  to the pet food industry.

Plant and soil fertilizers

We’re a leading producer of sustainable plant and soil fertilizer. Derived from animal fats, proteins and other nutrient-rich residuals, our yield-boosting fertilizers give life to gardens, golf courses, farms and more.

Used cooking oil collection

We create value for restaurants, grocers and food processors across North America by collecting and recycling their used cooking oil and converting it into low-carbon intensity feedstocks for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. With state-of-the-art equipment solutions, we are North America’s number one used cooking oil service provider. 

Animal fat and used cooking oil for renewables

We lead the world in providing low-carbon intensity recycled animal fats and used cooking oil for renewable fuel production. With up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuel, our fats are a sustainable solution to help meet the world’s decarbonization goals.
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Feed brands

Brands within our Feed segment

Turlock Cooker
Darling Ingredients U.S. and Canada rendering operations collect and process animal by-products and used cooking oil to produce essential ingredients.
North America's largest collector of used cooking oil.
FASA plant
Collection and processing of animal by-products in South America.
Two Workers in Factory
Collection and processing of animal by-products in Australia, China, Europe and the U.S.
Nutrient-rich, ready-to-use fertilizers.
Transforming bakery residuals into a high-energy feed ingredient alternative for animal nutrition and energy feedstocks.
The largest producer of insect-based ingredients for animal and plant nutrition in North America.

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