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Powering the future with low-emission energy solutions.

We transform sustainable feedstocks, such as animal fats, used cooking oil and food waste, into energy solutions to help decarbonize the world. Through our 50/50 joint venture Diamond Green Diesel, we are one of the largest producers of renewable diesel, and soon we will be one of the largest sustainable aviation fuel producers. We are also a leading producer of low-carbon biogas in Europe.
Fuel facts

Energy to fuel the future

With increasing world interest in decarbonization, demand for renewable energy will only continue to rise.


metric tons of waste converted into renewable energy annually


gallons of renewable fuel produced in 2023


less greenhouse gas emissions (as compared to fossil fuels)

Fuel categories

Renewable diesel

Through our 50/50 joint venture, we produce approximately 1.2 billion gallons of renewable diesel made primarily from cooking oil and animal fat. 

Sustainable aviation fuel

Estimated to be completed by Jan. 1, 2025, we will be one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable aviation fuel made form waste fats and oils. 

Biogas production

As the largest industrial digestion operation in The Netherlands and Belgium, we generate certified renewable gas from food waste and pig manure. A portion of the biogas we produce is converted to electricity and either used in our operations or sold to the grid. 

Low-carbon feedstocks

We provide an important service to livestock farmers in Europe, helping mitigate disease and maintain biosecurity. EU regulations require fallen to be disposed of safely and securely. We divert these materials from entering the food chain and convert them into renewable energy – producing more energy than these operations consume. 
Fuel brands

Brands within our diverse Fuel segment

Diamond Green Diesel
Our 50/50 joint venture producing renewable fuels for a low-carbon world.
Op de Beeck 2022
Producing renewable energy from food waste, animal waste and animal fats in Europe.
Collection and processing of fallen stock to support the agriculture industry and protect public health in Europe.

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