Residuals to Resources

Transforming edible and inedible residual bionutrients into valued resources is what we do. From the beginnings of our business, decades before sustainability became a household term or corporate directive, our pioneering spirit imagined and developed innovative ways to transform inedible co-products into sustainable ingredients.

Both economic and ecological sustainability are part of our core business. We believe sustainability is more than what we produce – it’s the foundation of how we conduct our business and serve as stewards of our environment.

From Eco-friendly Fertilizer to Renewable Energy

We believe the solutions we deliver are part of a broader shift occurring around the world. A shift that involves a change of perspective regarding our attitude towards the earth’s resources. Whether we’re developing eco-friendly fertilizer to enhance crops or producing renewable fuel from industrial residuals, our constant aim is to generate new resources, rather than depleting existing ones. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG

Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility  platform to learn more about our respect and commitment to our planet and the people, animals and fauna that make it home. View our ESG Factsheet here.

What’s the Truth about Cows and Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Dr. Frank Mitloehner helps distinquish the truth from some flawed reporting. Yes, you CAN keep meat on your dinnerplate without guilt. Read the interview here.

Introducing our Gatekeeper Greenpaper Series

Our industry is often referred to as the Gatekeeper of the Food Chain. By repurposing select food waste into sustainable goods, the rendering industry plays an active and critical role in protecting animal, human and environmental health. View our first two issues in the series and download them hereFuture issues will be posted as they are published.