Message from the Chief Executive Officer on Sustainability

Darling Ingredients remains committed to our vision of creating sustainable ingredients to feed and fuel a growing population… and to do so by repurposing bio-nutrients from the world’s food waste streams. Protecting the planet and the life it sustains for future generations has been part of our DNA since our founding.  Sustainability is central to our business and purpose, not a sideline. 

From the beginning of our long history, Darling has played a vital role in carbon emissions avoidance and critical water management. Simply put, our company’s purpose is to globally repurpose organic waste into sustainable products that improve our quality of life while minimizing our impact on the planet. What we produce is important, but so is how we produce it. 

We have focused our efforts on three areas that define the approach we take to addressing our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and form the three pillars of our sustainability framework:

  • Safer food and feed – producing safe ingredients is central to the company’s value proposition, making us profitable and the partner of choice to the agri-food industry to repurpose food waste;
  • Better workplaces and communities – keeping our workplaces and communities safe and healthy for employees and neighbors is critical to providing a rewarding environment for all people;
  • Cleaner air and water – combatting climate change and protecting the planet begins with stewardship--sustaining, reducing and conserving our natural resources.

In 2020 we completed a company-wide water risk assessment and a detailed avoided GHG emissions study of our rendering operations through a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA). This work will help us develop a strategic roadmap for setting mid- and long-term goals meaningful to our business.

Our purpose is to repurpose.

As we entered 2020 with the world facing a pandemic, our values did not change. We have raised the bar and set a standard to reduce water and energy intensity 5% by 2025. Darling’s dedicated men and women found themselves once again committed to working beyond the level of compliance. As a critical and essential service to the world’s food supply; it was important for Darling to provide a safe work environment and remain dedicated to our customers and suppliers. Our performance shows that navigating through these challenging times is second nature to our business model and family culture.

To strengthen our promise for a better tomorrow, we work tirelessly creating product applications for healthnutrients and bioenergy while optimizing our services to the food chain. It’s this innovative spirit that led us to refresh our corporate focus to evolve and unify our corporate messaging. We add smart sustainability as the key to solutions that sustain life. I am proud of the role we play in feeding and fueling a growing population while reducing environmental impacts. We will continue to grow our business in a sustainable way – by bringing long-term value to all stakeholders.

Randall C. Stuewe

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

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