Darling Ingredients’ presence across the world in a variety of markets makes its mission to operate and provide products conducive to a healthy environment imperative.

Our unique position allows our innovation to not only provide sustainable solutions for food, feed and fuel but also lead by example through processes that are actually net energy contributors.

Producing Sustainability

Darling has taken the lead in developing renewable energy. Whether from repurposed animal fats, organic residuals or the oil and grease collected from restaurants, our energy solutions are one more contribution towards a paradigm shift in the world’s long-term energy balance.


VP of Sustainability

Renewable food and water sources go hand in hand with affordable and clean energy. Having one without the other is not a complete sustainability plan.

According to the UN:

A well-established energy system supports all sectors: from businesses, medicine and education to agriculture, infrastructure, communications and high-technology.

Changing the Way We Work

Darling’s facilities are currently running programs aimed at replacing fossil fuels with our own biofuels to be used in transport of our products to clients and internally between plants. By switching to sustainable energy sources we to reduce our energy use by optimizing efficiency.

Data for ongoing progress

  • Renewable diesel production was 275 (MGal) or 1,040 (1000m3), Biodiesel was 15 (MGal) or 55 (1000m3), Ecoson Renewable Electricity was 47.4 (GWh), Ecoson Renewable Gas was 5.32 (MNm3) and Finished Product Used for Bioenergy was 1,521,171 MT 
  • Total amount of direct energy consumed (Excluding Fleet Vehicles) was 25,787,652 GJ, Total Amount of Indirect Energy Consumed was 3,555,313 GJ

* All statistics for 2019

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Safer Food & Feed

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