Darling Ingredients gives back by investing in the environmental, health and educational goals of our communities. With our employees and local community partners, we identify areas of greatest need where we can lend our support and leave a positive impact on our environment. We pride ourselves in being a great place to work and a great neighbor in our global communities.

We are also keenly aware that our people are fundamental to the ongoing success of our business. We are committed to building a culture and working environment that is inclusive and respectful for all. A place where our employees can do their best work and feel valued for their contributions. All employees work closely with their managers. Each year they set annual personal objectives, formulate development plans, and receive feedback on their performance through regular performance reviews.

Globally we recruit, evaluate qualified applicants, hire, train, promote and base all other employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, and other legally protected characteristics.

Our Commitments for Better Communities & Workplaces

Quality Education

Education creates opportunities for more sustainable living. See for yourself how we involve, engage and educate internal and external communities.

Reduced Inequalities

We strive toward a diverse workforce where people have a positive sense of belonging. See how we foster a culture of inclusion, providing equal opportunities to all.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

How we try to be a good ‘citizen’, neighbor and local employer. Giving back to local communities, nature and employees. 

Darling’s purpose is to repurpose. By striving to educate communities in our midst and reducing inequalities, our communities will become truly sustainable and thus meet goals established by the United Nations. We do this to exemplify integrity, a core Darling value.

Martin Guthrie

Director of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability

Our companies provide solutions for global needs. At the same time we’re aware that our operations directly impact the communities surrounding our facilities. That’s why we also place great importance on being a good neighbor to the local community.