Quality education is a key driver for socioeconomic mobility. It enables people to escape poverty and creates opportunities for more sustainable living. Our role to operate according to strict regulations and standards for product safety, including traceability, means we must embrace the responsibility to educate our employees and external communities.

Darling facilitates inclusive talent development that nourishes employees into strong individuals, aware and proud of their contributions. With approximately 80% of our employees involved in non-office jobs and tasks, we encourage health and safety training, mentoring highly specialized (and technical) work, and educating teams and individuals on the importance of sustainability. This stimulates employees to track and improve their contributions.

Opportunity for Education

We strongly believe talent deserves an opportunity, regardless of background, age and educational level. Through scholarships, mentorships and internships we encourage talent to learn about sustainable and circular agriculture, explore career opportunities with us and, when there’s a good fit, join us on our journey to feed and fuel a growing population.  


Lab Manager

Darling give me the opportunity to improve and advance in the workplace. The mentorship improves me as an employee and us as a company.

According to the UN:

Education helps reduce inequalities and reach gender equality and is crucial to fostering tolerance and more peaceful societies.

Growing New Leadership

A career at Darling Ingredients includes many opportunities for lifelong learning. Next to peer-to-peer and management mentoring, we provide a wide range of options to develop personal skills. The goals are broad. They range from classes preventing illiteracy to matching education to personal development plans. Also, we stimulate women to pursue a career in rendering as an effort to balance the gender disparity in our industry.  

Across the organization, leaders on all levels are trained in ethics, health and safety and compliance. The exact development program depends on their exact roles and responsibilities but always reflects our core values: entrepreneurship, transparency and integrity. We encourage management trainees to develop their skills on-the-job and in training. Our Executive Board is committed to creating a culture of mutual respect. Employees feel they belong and are valued for their contributions, no matter their background.

Performance you can see

  • Darling’s new Leadership Development Training graduated 84 employees, covering 3,008 total hours of training
  • Darling’s Boiler School and Centrifuge Training Course trained 52 operators to properly master sophisticated equipment 
  • All Darling employees receive a yearly combination of computer-based and hands-on Environment, Health and Safety training
  • All senior leadership and management staff in the U.S. are provided training sessions related to Affirmative Action (AAP) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

* All performance statistics for 2019

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