Inequality threatens long term social and economic development. It harms the reduction of poverty. It negatively affects people’s sense of fulfilment and self-worth. This, in return, negatively affects the overall development of more sustainable supply chains. 

Darling Ingredients continually strives to be a company where people – inside and outside of the organization - feel they belong to something valuable. Through confidential, independent hotline for reporting and proactive recruiting techniques, we work to foster a culture of inclusion, providing equal opportunities to all.

Active Equality

Darling’s responsibility starts “pre-employment.” This is because it can be more difficult for some individuals to pursue opportunities. Our contributions are aimed at connecting with people, understanding their needs and challenges and, wherever possible, lowering the threshold to participate for them.  

In a typically male-dominated industry, we strive to provide more women with interesting career perspectives within our company. We also reach out to schools and local communities to recruit youth as we can provide them with great opportunities while they bring in their fresh ideas and ambitions.

Performance you can see

  • 12.44% of Darling workforce is female, 87.56% is male 
  • Darling’s ethnic composition (US only) is 2,743 Whites, 565 Blacks, 702 Hispanic, 70 Asians, 23 American Indians, 34 Native Hawaiians, 30 classify under two or more racial profiles, while 15 classified as unknown. 


Marketing Manager

I only want to work at a place where my opinions and achievements carry as much weight as that of anyone else. That’s why I work at Darling.

According to the UN:

Reducing inequality requires transformative change. Greater efforts are needed to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and invest more in health, education, social protection and decent jobs especially for young people, migrants and refugees and other vulnerable communities.

Supporting the Workforce

Internally, Darling works to provide employees with good career options, facilitate strong relationships between colleagues, and continually convey to employees the value of their jobs to us and stakeholders. These are done in addition to industry best practices including improving internal mobility for the disabled and promoting channels for dealing with important diversity and inclusion issues.

Performance you can see

  • 14% of the officer roles are women, 36% of the board of directors are women
  • 21% of employees are unionized, 79% are not   

* All performance statistics for 2019

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