As 60% of the world’s population lives in cities, Darling Ingredients is dedicated to being a good neighbor. We work to sustain and protect the communities surrounding all of our 200+ locations.

Improving our Surroundings

Safe and healthy environments are crucial not only for Darling’s employees, but for the people, animals and nature that surround our offices and facilities as well. We heavily invest in optimizing new technology and processes that minimize odors generated by our production facilities. To preserve the nature around us, we support Audubon. Audubon is a society that informs, inspires and unites communities to protect birds and their habitats. Our contributions also facilitate nature preserves near our North American plants.  

Darling and its employees support our surrounding communities as well. Efforts range from This ranges from sponsoring local initiatives and organizations, returning water to the ecosystem (Darling is a net contributor) to donations and volunteer hours for charities such as Food for the Soul, Irving School Foundation, Family Resource and Youth Service Center Coordinators, Ronald McDonald House, and local food banks.


Plant Manager

Our goal is not only to provide for the world’s food and fuel needs, its to do so in a way that is conscientious to our neighbors.

According to the UN:

Cities and metropolitan areas are powerhouses of economic growth—contributing about 60 per cent of global GDP. 

A Working Community

Darling aims to provide opportunity to people in its communities in the form of jobs for every experience level and job type. Although the best fit with our company always remains our priority, we think local talent should be given a chance while this benefits them, the city and its surroundings and our company. Sourcing talent locally also reduces the need for commuting which has a positive impact on carbon emissions.

Performance you can see

  • 100% of our workers are covered by an occupational health and safety management system. 
  • Our total recordable injury rate in North America of 5.9 is approaching our goal of 6.4. 
  • Our lost time accident rate of 1.4 is approaching our goal of 2.0 
  • Our fleet rate (number of on-road accidents per 100,000 miles) of .11 is approaching our goal of .07 

* All performance statistics for 2019

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Other commitments for Better Communities & Workplaces

Safer Food & Feed

Ensuring waste is minimized, mouths are fed, and health is maintained

Cleaner Air & Water

Air and water is valuable. We keep them cleaner for everyone