We are committed to helping raise the quality of life for people and animals. Much of our R&D efforts focus on developing and producing innovative ingredients for a healthy diet and enjoyable quality of life. This way, our commitment to food and feed safety helps sustain life.

Our innovation doesn’t just create ingredients of higher quality and nutrition. We also innovate new and more efficient ways of utilizing organic material that might otherwise be wasted. This practice increases the accessibility of resources and makes nutrition more readily available. With every protein saved and every gelatin salvaged, Darling Ingredients fights hunger on a global level.

The processes we have developed also helps Darling improve itself. We are establishing ever-increasing numbers of sustainable practices that reduce the resources we require to operate and increase the amount we produce per amount of input. For example, the use of recycled water within our processing systems can make Darling facilities net water generators.

Our Commitments for Safer Food & Feed

Zero Hunger

Explore how we contribute by stepping up our game of ‘doing more and better with less’. 

Good health & well-being

Healthy people are the foundation for healthy economies. Learn more about how our solutions for health markets support this goal.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

How product, process and business innovation supports the global economy and major social and environmental issues, like the energy transition. 

Responsible Production & Consumption

We are shifting to more sustainable production and consumption approaches. Dive in and find out how we can change supply chains, together.

Darling’s purpose is to repurpose. By utilizing the innovation of our brightest minds and aligning with goals championed by the United Nations, we embrace the true nature of entrepreneurship.

Fred Beekmans

Director R&D

In a world with growing lifestyle-related diseases, ingredients that can help reduce salt, sugar and fat in our diets are more important than ever. That’s why our R&D program focuses on delivering better and healthier ingredients to meet that need.