A growing global population with deteriorating natural resources and increased urbanization means more people to feed with less water, farmland and rural labor. Satisfying expected increases in water, energy and food needs means shifting to more sustainable production and consumption approaches. 

As a company that produces sustainable food and feed ingredients, Darling Ingredients has the responsibility to seek opportunities to further establish sustainable processes to meet the need of our population.

Darling’s mission in action

  • Darling contributes to charities and/or NGOs that facilitate access to fresh water and proper sanitation in areas globally most affected by water scarcity 
  • Darling educates, engages with and/or supports local communities near our facilities on subjects pertaining to this objective
  • Darling’s central team of water experts monitor and assess water consumption, share insights and cooperate globally to meet the set objectives


Rendering Plant Employee

We take pride in providing for the world in the most ideal way possible.

According to the UN:

Sustainable consumption and production is about doing more and better with less.

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Other commitments for Safer Food & Feed and Cleaner Air & Water

Better Communities & Workplaces

Darling’s efforts beyond feeding and fueling the growing population

Cleaner Air & Water

Air and water is valuable. We keep them cleaner for everyone