Food security is essential to human well-being. Unfortunately, it is clearly not the daily reality for a lot of people. Reducing worldwide hunger and malnutrition can only be achieved if we collectively step up our game of "doing more and better with less." As our solutions are based on this very philosophy, we consider it our moral obligation to perfect, reinvent and promote it in the value chains we operate.

The food, feed and fuel ingredients we produce would not exist if we, and our colleagues in the industry, did not continually innovate ways of delivering them from what was once considered waste.  

More Powerful Nutrients

Our innovation and production efforts, like improving digestibility of feed for aquaculture, are targeted at maximizing nutritional value as this (in)directly affects the value chain all the way to end-consumers. It improves the wellbeing, and in turn, product quality, of animals. Darling Ingredients benefit from these efforts when we buy meat, fish or supplements like protein bars.


Safety Compliance Manager

Our resources on this planet are limited so we’re working to get the maximum usage with the highest level of safety out of every nutrient we save.

According to the UN:

Food security requires a multi-dimensional approach – from social protection to safeguard safe and nutritious food especially for children - to transforming food systems to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Ensuring Safety

The foundation for our product safety and quality is built on very strict policies and compliance. We follow and set the highest standards and safety regulations. This includes reducing complaints, passing all audits, certifying processes and, improving our internal quality mindset through training and mentoring. 

Another important part of food and feed safety is traceability. We strive to reach full traceability of all our products. Our industry is often referred to as “gatekeeper” to safe food and feed chains, free from harmful materials. This means we take safety and traceability very seriously, fully aware of the fact that we need to protect the livestock that sets this circular food cycle in motion. 

Through our secure operations, we are able to provide the world’s food manufacturers and supply chains with a range of safe and tested food ingredients and products that are sustainable and natural, and economically and ecologically viable.  

Progress you can see

  • 40% of Darling’s locations carry the highest attainable level of food/feed certifications for the standard on which they operate. 
  • The compliance rates derived from customer complaints was 99.15%. 
  • Last year, 1,055 total audits were conducted across our global business. 16% conducted as part of third-party certification audits, 23% conducted through regulatory inspections, 16% conducted as part of customer audits, and 45% through our internal audit process.
  • All Darling locations train employees at least annually on product safety using training modules available on internal platforms that are accessible to individual employees

* All performance statistics for 2019

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