Beyond compliance

At Darling Ingredients, our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond compliance. Through its vast history, Darling has realized the interconnectivity between business and community. The long-term success of one must be accompanied by the other. Through conversations with stakeholders across the world, we have assessed specific environmental and societal needs that we are poised to address effectively. Every resource preserved, every community enhanced, every life improved is a step toward success for everyone on the planet. This isn't just about compliance. When Earth thrives, so does Darling Ingredients.

Here, you can read our philosophy and strategy and view showcases that illustrate our commitment to social responsibility. 

Tomorrow's nutrition... today!

By 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion of us. Feeding tomorrow’s world means doubling the amount of protein-rich food we produce today. It’s an enormous challenge. But sometimes big problems can have tiny solutions.


CSR Community Updates

Understanding the power of working together, we partner with suppliers, customers and vendors to maximize our impact in the community. Darling’s workforce is passionate making a positive impact in their communities, and they drive our giving strategy. It’s how we reach further together. And how we meet the needs of local communities from around the world.