Our unique broad product and service portfolio is active all over the world, customized for high end markets and local needs. Each day our dedicated employees live what we all believe. We serve society by maximizing nature's value, so that people stay healthy, homes stay warm, children stay happy, dogs and trucks keep running, and farmers can flourish. Not just today, but as an ongoing philosophy. It's the story we strive to live everyday.

Below, you can see some showcases that demonstrate how we combine economic an ecological sustainability to offer truly sustainable solutions that sustain life.  


Addressing the growing demand for cleaner and safer fuel

In 1998 we constructed the first U.S. commercial plant that could produce premium biodiesel from animal fats and used cooking oils. Where are we 20 years further down the road? And how does this fit in with the commitment to provide for a growing population?


How a radical idea is now delivering more clean water than ever before

Sometimes livestock produces more manure than farmers can safely use as fertilizer. We already knew how to produce biophosphate from manure, but our process still left us with a large volume of unprocessed material we couldn't use. Learn how we tackled this issue, so that we can now close the loop for farmers, their livestock and the environment.


Tomorrow's nutrition... today!

By 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion of us. Feeding tomorrow’s world means doubling the amount of protein-rich food we produce today. It’s an enormous challenge. But sometimes big problems can have tiny solutions.

Watch this video and learn how insects can feed the world... without the world feeding on insects.


Giving back to the local community... and to nature

We studied the plants and animals near one of our factories in the Netherlands and looked at those for which the area might be suitable. This site is supplied with excess materials like manure, food scraps, and animal by-products and retrieves water as a by-product. So, we started digging…

With this Ecozone we improved bio-diversity in our surroundings, creating a place to relax and recreate.