Darling’s passion for preserving the natural resources of our planet and improving the lives of those who live on it can be categorized into three pillars:

  • Safer Food & Feed
  • Better Communities & Workplaces
  • Cleaner Air & Water

By channeling our efforts, commitment and innovation into these pillars, everyone flourishes: Society, our employees, our investors and our customers.

Select one of the pillars below to learn exactly where we focus on, why it matters and where and how we contribute. Building a better tomorrow starts here!



Our business is to create and deliver products and services in a way that treats people fairly, meets individuals’ needs and aspirations within the boundaries of our planet, and encourages market and policy frameworks that enable a sustainable future.

CSR Pillars: Commitment where it matters most

Safer Food & Feed

Delivering circular ingredients and solutions for the agri-food industry and improving quality of life for people and animals by providing safe, sustainable and innovative food and feed. See it in action.

Better Communities & Workplaces

Darling’s efforts go beyond feeding and fueling a growing population, how we contribute to an economically and socially prosperous society.

Cleaner Air & Water

Air and water are valuable. We try to keep them cleaner for everyone. Discover how.

CSR Objectives

Darling believes it has responsibilities to the environment, our employees and the principals that assure a holistic way of managing a company. By fulfilling these responsibilities, Darling fulfills its mission to make a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Metrics (why)

Measurement is the only true way to evaluate success. Darling takes great care in creating metrics that best assess data and track trends in that data achieve growing higher levels of performance.