Our core values and CSR

Darling’s core values were built upon our corporate social responsibility:

  • Darling has great influence on the economy, community and environment. Our integrity keeps us vigilant in preserving natural resource and making positive impacts in our communities
  • We encourage our peers and neighbors to see the work we do and how we do it. This transparency enhances our relationship with these publics and provides a resource for continual improvement
  • What is needed for one community may not be true for another. Our entrepreneurship allows Darling’s entities worldwide to assess and address needs on a local level

Darling Ingredients models after the United Nations’ initiatives to organize and address the world’s needs. Darling is working to achieve safer food and feed, better communities and workplaces, and cleaner air and water. Applying our resources to specific sustainable development goals takes our work from mere philosophy to clean water for a child to drink.