At Darling Ingredients, we believe nature has more to offer than we currently use. However, we also recognize the need to use less of nature's resources. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform will demonstrate how our company addresses the growing global demand on limited resources through our sustainable solutions to replenish or replace them.

Understanding how our CSR efforts contribute to the world we operate in requires measuring its scale and impact. To do this, we have divided our key indicators and metrics under these three main pillars.

Environmental Metrics

These metrics focus on topics like greenhouse gas emissions, amount of wastewater products, or amount of materials or bi-products that are reused or recycled.

Social Metrics

Social metrics relate to anything having to do with our organizations’ performance in equality and social justice. 

Governance Metrics

These indicators help us track topics like the responsiveness of our company to our investors, shareholder rights, and if our board is structured fairly. In addition, things like executive salaries compared to an employee’s salary is an important governance metric that is easy to implement. 

See below for a breakdown per metric type and a link to more resources. These pages are under construction and will be updated regulary.

On which categories do we report?


  • Energy
  • Water
  • Greenhouse Gases


  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Employee Development
  • Health & Safety


  • Food Safety
  • Ethics
  • Governance

Melissa Gaither

VP of Sustainability

Darling’s history of corporate social responsibility is one that has been measured, tracked and proven.