Regenerative Medicine

One of the challenges in the exciting and rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine is the production of biomaterials that closely mimic the body’s own matrix. Gelatin fits this profile and is highly favored in this segment. X-Pure gelatins and collagens add a new quality aspect: exceptionally low endotoxin levels.

Functionalities Ideal for Hemostatics

Every year, five million people die from blood loss, mainly during surgery. Gelatin-based hemostatic products are widely used due to their techno-functional properties that stop the bleeding and promote clotting in the operating theater. Our X-Pure acid gelatin range provides an exceptionally safe solution for in-body hemostatic use.

Parenteral formulations

In designing parenteral products such as vaccines, limiting exposure of the body to endotoxins is crucial. With X-pure 10 HGP we offer an excipient that is purer than most gelatin alternatives available on the market today.


Endotoxins have been shown to negatively affect cell viability, proliferation and to alter stem cell differentiation. It’s therefore important to control the endotoxin levels during cell culturing.

X-Pure: the first complete range of low endotoxin gelatins and collagens

X-pure is a range of gelatins and collagens designed for biopharmaceutical partners engaged in regenerative medicine and drug screening and development, as well as hemostatic and parenteral applications.

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