Fine Tuned for Performance

Nutrition plays a key role for athletes preparing to reach optimum performance levels and the essential role of proteins – already long known among professional sports people – has gained wide recognition among recreational athletes and active consumers. Proteins deliver numerous health benefits, and specific bioactive proteins, such as collagen peptides, can offer benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance, accelerating recovery, protecting connective tissues, supporting healthy joint maintenance, and helping to reduce the risk of injury.

An Effective, Versatile and Natural Solution

Pure, easily digestible and absorbable, Peptan is particularly well suited for use in formulating optimized sports nutritional products, bringing a unique amino acid composition. As it is neutral, it can be easily integrated at high dosage without affecting the taste or odor of finished products.

With a unique amino acid profile, Peptan collagen peptides contain high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, alanine and arginine – providing specific nutritional benefits not found in other protein sources. 

Muscle Soreness

A recent double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study (1) performed in the UK demonstrated that the subjects who were supplemented with Peptan experienced 20% less muscle soreness at all time points after intense exercise, compared with those who received a placebo dose.


In the same study (1) the subjects who were supplemented with Peptan reported an increase in sports performance indicating an accelerated recovery from the exercise.

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