The Best Fats for the Best Foods

We humans have been eating lard and other fats and for millennia, satisfying our bodily need for essential nutrients. Like many other specialty ingredients, fats are an indispensable part of today’s food – and of our health and wellbeing. Our fats are a natural and beneficial nutri-functional part of a balanced diet, supplying energy, vitamins A, D, E and K. Fats support our nerves, brain, skin and hormones. Through our bio-security standards at our processing facilities, our customers can be assured that our fats and food ingredients are fully traceable and compliant with food safety regulations.

Maximum Enjoyment, Optimized Performance

We produce many kinds of techno-functional gelatins suitable for innovative applications. Whatever your application, we will help you select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities. Whether you’re looking for great looks, the best bite, or the most memorable flavor, Rousselot Functional Ingredients offers the perfect solution for delighting and indulging consumers – and for improving your business performance.

The Numerous Applications of Our Animal Proteins

Animal proteins are not only applicable in meat products. Sometimes it is good to think outside the box and looking deeper into the functionality of the proteins itself. With this in mind, a wider use of applications can be reached using animal proteins to enhance food texture, taste, etc.

For example, using Hemoglobin powder as a binding, coloring and dietary protein to substitute the taste of cacao. Hemoglobin has similar color and taste profile as of dark chocolate, giving the ability to replace part of the cacao with a better nutritional valued protein.