Experience and Responsibility

We have over a century of experience in making the world a greener place. As a zero-waste solution for organic fertilizers, we take ‘going green’ quite literally, repurposing industrial residuals and meat co-products into nutritional, life-sustaining solutions for horticultural gardens, organic farming, healthy sports turf and more.

Fertilizer to Help You Succeed

Whether you are the manager of a farming operation, golf course superintendent, a lawn care operator or the manager of a sports complex or nursery, you know that soil and plant nutrition can make the difference between failure and success. We offer the most extensive natural organic dry pelleted fertilizer offering with high nitrogen content in a slow release commercial fertilizer.

A Complete Range of Proteins

We offer a complete range of natural proteins for (organic) fertilizer functionalities. Some of our products are used because of their high N content and slow release effect (e.g. feather meal, hair meal). Other animal proteins are used because they are also rich in natural minerals, such as Ca, P, K. 

Ideal for Organic Applications

Our products are ideal for organic agriculture and commercial applications. They find their way to professional mushroom growers, but they are just as easily and frequently applied to golf courses or in gardens and parks.

Customers will Value your Fertilizer More

Whether you are serve the agriculture, horticulture or landscaping markets, you will find our natural ingredients to be an important value adder for your fertilizer solution. We process raw materials of animal origin into valuable and essential ingredients. Our proteins and minerals are widely applied in the (organic) fertilizer market. Customers value them especially because they are natural, sustainable and available worldwide.