World's broadest bionutrient portfolio

Our industry is often referred to as the “original recycler.”  We are committed to carrying on that legacy well into the future. Through our diverse global family of brands, we collect and repurpose millions of metric tons of inedible materials annually. Beef, poultry and pork by-product streams are converted into usable and specialty ingredients, such as gelatin, tallow, feed-grade fats, meat and bone meal, poultry meal, yellow grease, fuel feedstocks, green energy, natural casings and hides, which are sold to the pharmaceutical, food, pet food, feed, fuel, bio-energy and fertilizer industries around the world. Additionally, in North America, we provide used cooking oil collection and grease trap services to the restaurant industry, and collect nutrient-rich residuals from industrial wastewater for land application.

Through the efforts of our brands, Darling Ingredients is known for quality, safety, biosecurity and integrity in the wide array of industries we serve. Led by a visionary management team, we continuously seek new opportunities to repurpose bionutrient materials into innovative and sustainable products.

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