The Safe and Efficient Solution

Animal mortalities are part of a grower's experience, and deciding how to deal with the remains is a decision all will face. We offer the safest option for the environment and provide a safe and efficient dead animal pickup service to farmers and livestock producers. 

Our large fleet of specially designed trucks is capable of handling high volumes of deadstock and our experienced drivers ensure that it is collected in a responsible and timely manner. With excellent geographic coverage, we provide a fast, reliable, and flexible solution for on-farm animal mortalities.

Cadaver Collection Service

After notification, we collect the carcasses the next working day between 6 a.m. and approximately 10:30 p.m. We collect small carcasses (<25 kg) or animal residual material that is offered in tons on the next scheduled collection day. We also collect deceased horses, ponies and farm animals. This can be done through our regular collection service. If you choose this option, we will collect the animal the next working day with a crane truck, at a time to be determined by our transport planning. You can also call on our Individual pick-up service.

Pick-Up Service for Slaughterhouses

Our drivers visit many slaughterhouses, meat, fish and dairy processing companies every day. We do this on demand or according to a fixed collection schedule - and always according to strict hygiene protocols and with utmost efficiency. Our modern fleet is tailored to the type of offal and the way you offer us the material. This usually concerns parts that are released during slaughter but are not allowed to return to the food chain, such as: rejected parts and SRM.