Bakery and Snack Food Residual Pick-Up

The services we offer commercial bakeries and snack food manufacturers help companies eager to manage their residuals in an economically and ecologically responsible manner. If you face the following issues, Bakery Feeds can help:

  •  Complicated, time-consuming disposal equipment for your food and packaging residuals 
  •  Equipment breakdowns or malfunctions causing operational inefficiencies and extra cost
  •  Unreliable or inconsistent pickup schedules 
  •  Spillage of residuals at your site causing environmental issues and operational inefficiencies
  •  Inaccurate data affecting production numbers
  •  Rejects and residuals entering rogue markets and causing liability risks

Used Cooking Oil Collection, Pickup & Recycling

Whether you’re an independent restaurant, a local supermarket, or part of a large retail chain, we understand your need for streamlined operations. What makes us different?

  •  130+ year history of service to the food industry
  •  Direct service performed by our fully-trained employee technicians
  •  Proprietary equipment to help with secure used cooking oil collection, protecting its value
  •  Modern, company-owned fleet with on-board routing logistics to provide efficient and reliable service to our customers with a lower carbon footprint
  •  Extensive network of biosecure processing facilities across North America
  •  Diverse solutions for your material - your oils, fats and meat by-products are used for fuel, feed and more
  •  Our company owns* and operates three biofuel processing facilities in the US and Canada

Full Service, Fuller Impact

Whether you run a butcher shop in a supermarket, or operate a large-scale meat processing facility, we understand your need for quick, efficient, consistent service to collect your meat scraps and fat & bone. What makes us different from everyone else?

  •  Full-service management and recycling of your inedible meat by-products, including inedible fat and bone trimmings
  •  Non-disruptive scheduling for our removal services
  •  Dependable service and operational efficiency
  •  The most economically and environmentally viable solution to your fat, bone and inedible meat by-product removal needs
  •  Solidify your sustainability image and performance
  •  The assurance of working with an experienced, trusted market leader with over 135 years longevity
  •  Your customers will appreciate that you are repurposing your residuals into resources