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Diamond Green Diesel

One of the world's largest producers of renewable diesel, our 50/50 joint venture Diamond Green Diesel (DGD) produces low-carbon renewable fuel that is 100% compatible with existing engines and infrastructure. Renewable diesel utilizes recycled animal fats and used cooking oil, some of which are supplied by our Feed segment, to produce low-carbon intensity fuel with up to 80% fewer lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fuel.

Diamond Green Diesel
At a glance

The renewable diesel process

1. Feedstock

Rendered recycled animals fats and used cooking oil feedstocks, some of which are supplied by our Feed segment, are delivered to DGD via rail, trucks or ships.

2. Processing
First, feedstocks are treated to remove impurities. Then, hydrotreating with high-pressure hydrogen to remove oxygen and separate water. Next is isomerization, where cold-flow properties are managed to ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure and engines. Finishing involves fractionation, or separation, into finished products.
3. Distribution
Finished renewable diesel is stored for shipping to customers, primarily in low-carbon markets such as California, Canada and Europe. Renewable diesel can be transported via pipeline, rail or ship.

Renewable fuel for a low-carbon world

Integrated supply chain
Our Feed segment supplies DGD with recycled animal fats and used cooking oil, making DGD the world's only vertically integrated producer of renewable diesel.
Lowering emissions without modfications
In early 2023, we announced the final investment decision on a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) project at our Port Arthur, Texas, facility. Targeted for completion in 2025, the project will allow approximately 50 percent of the plant’s nameplate capacity of 470 million gallons per year to be upgraded to SAF. This is expected to make DGD one of the largest SAF manufacturers in the world.
Positioned to meet global demands
Since 2013, DGD has been North America’s largest producer of renewable diesel from low-carbon feedstocks, providing customers with a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

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